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Calibrate Gizmo 2022

The 2022 "Capacity" campaign has already allowed Gizmo to:

  • more than quadruple staffing

  • more than double membership

  • offer over 130 classes and camps

  • approve over 180 tool certifications







With the capacity you helped create, the makerspace is experiencing more activity and more use of the tools and equipment. In 2023, we are going to CALIBRATE. It’s time to elevate our effort and attention to carefully assessing, adjusting, and optimizing the tools we love and care for. This will ensure that they can continue to be a resource for our community.

We have a fantastic space with incredible people, tools and equipment. Along with the people, our hard-working machines make Gizmo unique.

Your donation today will help balance our focus on the continuous improvement of the space and the costs associated with maintaining and repairing the equipment that empower people to do more.



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